Newcomers to the SCA!

Welcome to the Dream

We'd like to welcome you to the Barony of Wealdsmere in the Kingdom of An Tir.

Not sure where to start or hesitant to join in? We'd love to have you! In order to get to know more about what the SCA is and what we can offer you, please start here, the SCA New Members page. There you will find a wealth of information and resources to help you find your joy in the SCA.

There is also plenty of information found here; an "online demo" covering what we do in the SCA.

We also have a Facebook page where you can chat, ask questions and meet the members locally. Once you join just post a message saying something like "Hey, I am new here! Hello." and our members will be right along to welcome you - the SCA is at it's heart a social club, we are all here because we want to make friends and have fun together so don't feel awkward and do give us a chance to make you feel at home.

The SCA is a very family-friendly and inclusive activity that people of all ages and all walks of life enjoy.

Looking for specific information on what to bring and what to expect at your first event? The New Members Guide is for you!

Feasting, Dancing, and Merrymaking

The major activity in the SCA is our events – the opportunity for us to put on our medieval clothing, cook and serve the recipes we’ve been researching, dance the dances we’ve been practicing, socialize, and generally have a good time. You can find a variety of SCA events taking place almost every weekend of the year, including Tournaments, coronations, masked balls, collegiums, interkingdom wars, and more. Activities at events can include fighting, fencing, archery, art exhibits/competitions, indoor games, feasts, and royal or baronial court.

What kind of person joins the SCA?

SCA participants are just plain folks who enjoy doing something more with their weekends. People from all walks of life join the SCA – students, teachers, historians, writers, secretaries, law enforcement personnel, chemists, and insurance agents. Many SCA participants are involved in high tech fields – computers, aerospace, high energy physics, etc. People who spend all week with highly complex, modern technology can find it relaxing to spend their leisure time using simpler technologies in a less modern setting.

How you can get involved

We welcome you to come to our local meetings and events. You are not required to buy a membership before you start attending, although you may wish to join if you decide to be with us regularly. Members do pay lower entry fees to events, and we do require membership to be an officer in our group.

Many local groups have officers called “chatelaines” or “hospitallers” whose sole duty is to help new members find their way in the SCA, and they can provide you with loaner costumes for your first event. Each SCA participant remembers the day he or she started, and most people are happy to help out a newcomer.

You may contact our local chatelaine at Wealdsmere.Chatelaine@antir.org and they will be happy to assist you.

Welcome to Wealdsmere!

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