New Comers

Welcome to the Dream

We'd like to welcome you to the Barony of Wealdsmere in the Kingdom of An Tir.

Not sure where to start or hesitant to join in? We'd love to have you!

This page includes some basics to help you get started and some just plain fun stuff. Explore and feel free to ask questions. If you have additional questions please contact our Chatelaine at Wealdsmere.Chatelaine@antir.org .

Many thanks to Gilia del Fortuna who gathered the majority of these wonderful resources for us.

Kingdom of An Tir Populace Badge
Barony of Wealdsmere Populace Badge
01 Etiquette 101.pdf
01.1 Customs, Etiquette, and Playing the Game.pdf
02 Courtly Manners.pdf
03 What do I call them.pdf

Kingdom Awards Explained - Award of Arms, Grant of Arms, etc

Kingdom Awards Explained - Award of Arms, Grant of Arms, and more.pdf
04 Who gets to wear what.pdf
08 Circletes - a medieval treat.pdf
07 Storage - Six Board Chest.pdf

Drawing a Viking Ship

09 How to Draw a Viking Ship.pdf
10 Fox and Geese Game.pdf
06 Pouches.pdf
05 Garb - Clothing basics to make.pdf