Sergeants Muster

Current Sergeantry

Current Sergeants Candidates:

These individuals have made known their intent to declare for the trials at Celtic Revolt A.S. LVII

  • Courtier - Moll Firth, sponsored by HL Lilion Jane Godwin, Courtier

  • Courtier - Sigrid the Vinlander, sponsored by HL Lilion Jane Godwin, Courtier

  • Courtier - Raven Morganstern - sponsored by HL Janusch Radovan Vladescu, Courtier

  • Sergeant at Arms - Andsvarr Boleson , sponsored by HL Gernot vomme Sewe

  • Gallant - HL Noriyama Ono Doken, sponsored by His Excellency Michael, Emeritus Master of Defense

Captains (Determined at the annual Sergeants Trials)

  • Head Courtier - HL Jannet Fletcher

  • Heavy Captain - HL Noriyama Ono Doken

  • Rapier Captain - Master Michael of Lancaster (Emeritus, pro tem)

  • Yeoman Captain - Master William Fletcher (Emeritus, pro tem)

Sergeants at Arms: (Armored Fighters)

  • HL Elgar of Stonehaven

  • HL Gernot vomme Sewe

  • HL Noriyama Ono Doken

  • HL Ceawlin Silvertongue

  • HL Fleinn Hausakljufr (Pike)

  • Lord Konr MacAlpein

Sergeants Yeoman: (Archers)

  • HL Noriyama Ono Doken

Sergeants Gallant: (Rapier Fighters)

  • HL Gerard LaGreine

  • HL Janusch Radovan Vladescu (residing in Wastekeep)

  • HL 'Izza al-Dimashqiyya

  • HL Alexandre Roma de Sant Roman

Sergeants Courtier: (Administratum)

  • HL Jannet Fletcher

  • HL Lilion Jane Godwin

  • HL Birna of Wealdsmere

  • HL Janusch Radovan Vladescu (resides in Wastekeep)

  • HL 'Izza al-Dimashqiyya

  • Lady Octavia Sapphiera

  • Lady Aliette de la Croix

  • HL Olaf Montanroe

  • HL Shahzade Nisaburi

  • HL Nakagawa Aki

  • HL Katla Jarnkona

Sergeant Minors

  • Hdrathi Larsson

  • Hella Snorrisdottir

  • Wesley Hallgrimsson

Sergeants Emeritus: (Elevated to Peerage)

  • Sir Devon Wolflin KSCA (Sergeant at Arms)

  • Master Iain Crawford MoD (Gallant)

  • Dame Abigail Kitchener OP (Courtier)

  • Sir Osrik Rolfsson KSCA (Sergeant at Arms)

  • Sir Olfus Brandtsson KSCA (Sergeant at Arms) resides in Lochac

  • Sir Malachi of Logere KSCA (Sergeant at Arms) resides in Germany; Active Military

  • Sir Greaghan McBayne KSCA (Sergeant at Arms)

  • Sir Hanefr Lars Gunnarrson KSCA (Sergeant at Arms)

  • Sir FinRis Christanson KSCA (Sergeant at Arms)

  • Master Killian Flynn MacThoy MoD (Gallant) resides in Arn Hold

  • Master William Fletcher OP (Yeoman)

  • Master Michael of Lancaster MoD (Gallant)

  • ViInnu Kona Kara Reginasdottir OP (Courtier/Yeoman)

  • Chymar Braith (Rhiannon wreic Gryffyd) OP (Courtier/Yeoman)

  • Mistress Pompeiia Rufina OP (Courtier)

Sergeants Incomunicar: (Out of Kingdom but still sworn)

Sergeants Inactive: (Status Unknown)

  • HL Mary Ellen le Bret

  • HL Sterling of Dunbar

  • HL Timothy der Kenntnisreiche

  • HL Tiberius (formerly Dart Dumas)

  • HL Seamus Mac an tSaoi

  • Lord Gareth the Somber

  • Lord Vulrick the Pierced

  • HL Jhone MacLachlan

  • Lord William Cornwallis MacLeod of Harris

  • Lady Katherine Hawkins

  • Stella of Lloegyr (resides in Germany)

Sergeants In Memoriam: (In Memory)

  • Master Robbin Greybeard - Sergeant at Arms

  • HL Tabitha de Gournay - Courtier