History of the Sergeantry

Years ago, when the Principality of An Tir was still part of the Kingdom of the West, the heart of the Kingdom lay far away. Since most of the Western peerage lived fifteen to twenty hours from the An Tiran heart-land, they had little opportunity to consider those of us who had attained a peerage level in our endeavors. Was a particular An Tiran fit company for a civilized court? Did they dance or scribe? Did they possess knowledge of period entertainments and have a basic understanding of heraldry? Did they willingly share their accomplishments with others?

In order to facilitate the advancement of An Tirans, the landed Baronesses developed a series of Trials that focused on peer-like qualities. Those who passed the Trials became part of an elite Baronesses’ Guard. Therefore, when an An Tiran Sergeant came up in a Peerage council, it would be obvious that many a pertinent question had already been answered. The Guard became a Kingdom Order that bore the title “Sergeant,” a designation borrowed from the armed guards of the Crusades. Thus was born the uniquely An Tiran tradition of Sergeantry.

Today, a member of the Sergeantry is an accomplished person whose peer-like qualities make them welcome at any Court.


The categories of Sergeantry within Wealdsmere:

  • Sergeant at Arms: Those participating in Rattan combat.

  • Sergeant Yeoman: Those specializing in combat and/or target archery.

  • Sergeant Gallant: Those participating in Rapier combat.

  • Sergeant Courtier: Those specializing in the arts, courtly graces and scribal pursuits.

  • Sergeant Lancer: Those specializing in equestrian pursuits.

  • Sergeant Missileer: Those specializing in siege or missile weapons.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • to swear fealty to the Barony of Wealdsmere through the person of the Baroness

  • to guard the Baroness in Ceremony and in War

  • to serve Wealdsmere without fear or complaint and to inspire the “Dream” in those around them

  • to fulfill their role as models of chivalry and virtue as is traditional in Wealdsmere and the Society

  • to assist the Baroness as need arises

  • to assist in all logistical endeavors pertaining to the duties and operations of the Baronial Coronet

  • to maintain themselves in their chosen discipline(s)

  • to assist with management of future Trials

  • maintain kit in good condition, so that should sudden call up occur, no shame or stain would appear upon their image or that of the Barony

  • to attend their branch martial practice, at a minimum level, on a monthly basis. Dispensation from Her Excellency is possible on this point, should other long-term commitments interfere. (ie. daily work or study requirements)

Rights and Privileges:

to receive, as indication of rank, regalia bearing the Sergeantry’s Badge as follows:

  • Sergeant at Arms: A brown belt with a buckle bearing the badge

  • Sergeant Yeoman: An arm-guard bearing the badge

  • Sergeant Gallant: A sash bearing the badge and sewn in the colors of the Barony

  • Sergeant Courtier: A necklace shaped as a droplet bearing the badge

  • Sergeant Lancer: A cantle drape bearing the badge.

  • Sergeant Missileer: A baldric bearing the badge.


  • to guard the Baroness in Ceremony and in War

  • to participate and act as a mentor to those taking the Sergeants Trials and attend the swearing-in ceremonies of successful candidates

  • to be recognized as a member of an elite and proficient Order

  • to serve Wealdsmere as a cornerstone of the “Dream,” reflecting all that is good and virtuous

Requirements to become a Sergeantry Candidate:

Anyone may apply as a candidate at any time. Candidates must have a sponsor/mentor who is a current member of the Sergeantry. Sponsors may not themselves be in their first year of active sergeantry.

By custom the Sergeantry candidates declare at Celtic Revolt, but this can be changed based upon a candidates circumstances.

  • candidate must complete the Sergeantry Quest Book and specialization supplement. Candidates have one year from date of declaration to complete all requirements and tests.

Upon completion:

  • must be willing to swear the Oath of Sergeantry to the Baroness

  • must understand the duties, responsibilities and rights of the rank and be prepared to fulfill them

  • must own sufficient kit of acceptable standard to meet the level expected of a Sergeant

Obtain the complete Sergeantry packet from the Baroness for more information