The Officers of the Barony of Wealdsmere are comprised of the hard working local volunteers from within the SCA that dedicate their time to making sure our Barony runs smoothly. Deputies manage tasks that have been delegated to them by their officer. This work not only helps the officers focus on other duties, it also prepares these volunteers for future service on the Baronial Council.

To become an officer of the Barony, candidates must be active members of the SCA (with a membership number) and submit a written letter of intent and a résumé to the Barony's Chronicler to be included in the monthly Wealdsmere Watch. After that, it is left to a vote of the current officers at the following council meeting. If accepted, a Baronial Officer must be able to attend the Baronial Council meetings every second (2nd) Tuesday of each month.

For more information on what they all do, select the office from the list on the right, or attend Baronial Council meetings and add your support to our game.

Arts and Sciences

The Arts and Sciences are all the crafts, skills, and technologies practiced in the time period and cultures that the SCA covers. If you do not know what you might be interested in, take some time just to observe others and to ask questions. Perhaps you have a skill in the modern world or an interest that can be "translated" into the medieval world.

Lady 'Izza al-Dimashqiyya


The Chamberlain is in charge of inventorying and maintaining the regalia of the Barony. The Chamberlain works closely with the Exchequer to ensure Baronial equipment is cared for and available for functions.

This position will be opening soon. If you are interested please contact-

HE Baroness Kara Bjornsdottir


The Chatelaine is in charge of greeting and helping newcomers. The Chatelaine may be the first person you call to get information about the branch or about the SCA and he or she will be able to help you connect with the appropriate officer in charge of your areas of interest, or may line you up with a member who excels in the topic that is close to your heart.

Lady Fiametta di Rosso Bellini


The Chronicler serves as the branch secretary, aiding Wealdsmere by taking minutes at the council meeting, as well as publishing The Wealdsmere Watch, our Baronial newsletter.

Dame Richenda du Jardin


The Exchequer serves as the Minister of the Treasury and is responsible for the collection and disbursement of funds.

HL Rhiannon wreic Gryffyd

Gold Key

No newcomer need feel awkward or naked at an event because they don't have any period garb to wear. Wealdsmere maintains a collection of loaner costumes and gear which is available to assist newcomers to blend in and feel comfortable within the group. Donations are greatly appreciated to aid in the maintenance and cleaning of the garb.

Post in transition. Contact the Chatelaine


The Branch Herald is called the Three Oaks Pursuivant. He or she supervises field and voice heraldry and helps with the submission of names and devices. The Herald shall foster heraldic activity within the Barony.

Raven Morgenstern

Deputy position is still open, please contact Raven if interested.

Master of Stables

The Master of Stables (also known as the Marshal) is in charge of heavy (rattan) fighting within the branch. He or she must at least be a junior marshal and is in charge of the local fighters practice. The Master of Stables makes sure that armor is up to standard and that fighting is safe.

HL Snorri Ráðúlfsson

List Minister

A deputy position to the Master of Stables, the Minister of the Lists is in charge of keeping lists of registered fighters and running tournaments according to the wishes of the marshal in charge.

Azula Nakagawa

Deputy - HE Baroness Kara Bjornsdottir

Master of Swords

The Master of Swords is in charge of rapier fighting within the branch. He or she must be a junior marshal of fence; the Master of Sword makes sure that protection is up to standard and that rapier or sword fighting is safe.

Lord Alexandre de Sant Roma de Sau

(Scott Stalter)

Master of the Bow

The Master of the Bow is responsible for coordinating Archery activities within the branch. Will is a warranted target archery marshal (a TAM) and a junior combat archery marshal (inspecting arrows and equipment before combat). If you are interested in archery in any form, please feel free to contact him.

Hon. Lord Will Fletcher (Ron Stanley)


The Seneschal is the chief administrative officer and the legal representative of the Barony Wealdsmere. He is the equivalent of the local chapter’s president: he runs the meetings, signs the forms, and is also responsible for coordinating the activities of the branch’s other officers.

HL Aki Nakagawa

Thrown Weapons

Vadas Ersebet

Web Minister

The Web Minister develops and maintains the Barony’s website as well as dealing with the Barony's technical needs.

HL Isobella Forbes

Youth Activities Coordinator

Lady Yrsa Bjornsdottir

Youth Armored Combat

Youth Armored Combat or YAC, is the youth version of the adult heavy combat program. The main purpose of the program is to train youth armoured combatants to transition into safe and chivalric adult heavy combat when they reach the appropriate age, if they so desire. The program aspires to develop each combatant’s self-respect, respect for others, and an appreciation for medieval history.

The program is open to all those between the ages of six and seventeen, with the participants being split into separate age groups to insure proper instruction and guidance.

HE Baroness Kàra Bjórnsdottìr