- What is it and what is it for?


Largess are items requested from the Baronies talented populace, items which can be given in gratitude and appreciation to people giving exemplary service or to other visiting Nobles so that the skills and talents of our region spread beyond our borders.

Should you be willing to donate, please label the largess with the artisan’s name and a short description of the item.

Ideas for Largess:

  • Small handmade toys for children

  • Period games

  • Handbound books

  • Wood worked items (buckets, boxes, lanterns, tables, benches, combs, bowls)

  • Small sewing items

  • Metal Worked Items (Torches, cooking tools, knives, hooks, tent stakes, portable holes)

  • Glass Items (cups, lampworked (glass) beads)

  • Pottery

  • Spindles/Card weaving kits

  • Bags or pouches (leather, linen or wool material)

  • Armor/Rattan

  • Handwoven trim or cord

  • Knit or nalbinding items (mittens, socks, hats)

  • Spices

  • Fabric yardage (1 yard plus in wool, silk, hemp, or linen only)

  • Handmade soaps (no strong scents)

  • Strings of beads natural material (pearls, amber, jade, jasper, horn etc. Natural materials only.)

  • Period Jewelry (belt buckles, cloak pins, brooches, hair pins etc)

  • Sewing kits

  • Skeins of hand spun wool, silk or linen

  • Bone or antler items

  • Meads

Things to avoid :

  • Perfumes or oils

  • Food items

  • Small children or animals