Greetings citizens of Wealdsmere,

The Board of Directors of the SCA, Inc has extended the suspension of in-person SCA activities until May 31st, 2021.

While we are all saddened by this extension, the BOD felt that this was the best decision for the Society and the safety of its people.

Wealdsmere as a Barony of An Tir will of course support it fully. It is unfortunate that this means the cancellation of our flagship event, Celtic Revolt for another year, but it is the safest course of action until a vaccine is in place. We will also miss Honor War, May Crown and so many other great spring events. But we will enjoy them all the more the next time!

We encourage everyone to continue to participate in the online activities that are offered. These provide the opportunity to take classes and visit virtual events across the breadth of all of the Kingdoms and participate with friends afar as never before. We will continue to hold monthly virtual council meetings and we have many local online activities; rapier meets, culinary guild and baronial socials via Zoom allow us to come together as a group and we highly encourage you to participate in the fun.

We miss being together with everyone; the sounds of laughter and joy, the clang of armor and clash of shields. We know you all miss the feasts, the contests, the camps and the camaraderie - we certainly do. But we WILL get through this time, and we will camp together again when it is safe for all to do so. But for now we must be patient and wait until all of us can do so safely.

This slow time isn't necessarily a bad thing. Continue to practice your arts, work on your pell, create, and learn new things. When we get back to playing in person, be ready to jump back in like there hasn't been a break at all.

Until we can meet in person again, please be safe, stay healthy, and know that we are thinking of you.

Baron Michael and Baroness Arnora

Barony of Wealdsmere

Board of Directors Resolution

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