Event Stewarding

I want to co-ordinate an event- now what?

Event Stewards are always in need. This volunteer or team of volunteers co-ordinates finds a location to host an event, creates a budget, wrangles more volunteers, sets up classes, etc. All so that we can enjoy an activity with our friends.

The Barony of Wealdsmere hosts 3 - 4 annual events, Celtic Revolt, a camping event usually held memorial day weekend, Border War, our second camping event usually held in mid to late September, Octoberfeast, in you guessed it October, supporting Toys for Tots, and Sergeant Trials, hosted by the sergeantry members and the dates shift.

Please look at these great resources for how to get started. Some of the references are set up for a Kingdom (All An Tir) level event however they are great for figuring out what needs to be done at the local level as well. We simply scale them back to the Baronial needs.

If you are interested in being a Steward the sooner you put together a bid and submit it to the Barony the better you will be able to plan. Complete bids are submitted to and reviewed by the baronial officers, posted to Townsquare for the populace commentary, and then voted on at the following Baronial meeting. At times there may be more than one bid.

Event Stewarding 101 - Google Docs.pdf
Kingdom-Event-Steward-Checklist-2 Camping.pdf
Post Event Report- Financial - Usually completed by Exchequer.pdf