Event Stewarding

I want to co-ordinate an event- now what?

Event Stewards are always in need. This volunteer or team of volunteers is in charge of the successful running of events. They will be expected to find a location to host an event, create a budget, wrangle more volunteers, set up classes, etc. All so that we can enjoy an activity with our friends.

The Event steward may have several co-stewards in charge of different aspects of the event, such as gate, contests, classes, etc. The person in charge of these jobs is expected to take charge and run their area by finding and training volunteers, scheduling work shifts and every other aspect of the job they have committed to do. Volunteering to run one aspect of an event is a great way to get into event management without taking on the responsibility of the entire event.

The Barony of Wealdsmere hosts 3 - 4 annual events, Celtic Revolt, our flagship 4 day camping event usually held over Memorial Day weekend; Border War, our second camping event usually held in mid to late September; and Octoberfeast, a one day grand feast event held in mid-October. Each of these events includes a variety of activities including Courts, tournaments, arts and sciences contests and games.

If you are interested in being a Steward speak with the Seneschal and they can guide you in what you need to do. They will provide the bid forms and they must sign any and all contracts on behalf of the SCA, Inc. Those new to event stewarding must have a veteran steward to mentor them. The sooner you put together a bid and submit it to the Barony the better you will be able to plan. Complete bids are submitted to and reviewed by the baronial officers, posted to Townsquare for the populace commentary, and then voted on at a Baronial meeting. At times there may be more than one bid.

The Seneschal can give you information on local sites we have used in the past, which vendors for porta-potties, trash removal, etc. we typically use and much more. As an Event Steward you will be a defacto deputy to the Seneschal for the duration of your planning and event so begin working with them early and often. You must work with the officers of the Barony; Exchequer, marshals, herald, chatelaine, etc in order to meet the requirements of their offices. You will also need to coordinate with Their Excellencies Head of Retinue/Court Coordinator to ensure their needs are met.

You are encouraged to attend an Event Stewards class when you have the opportunity.

Being an Event Steward is one of the most rewarding things one can do in the SCA. You are throwing the party for all of your friends and you are the one who will make it amazing!

If you are interested in learning more about being an event steward, there are many resources available on the An Tir Events website

Standard Event Proposal Form. Use this to submit a bid to the Baronial Council:

Event_Proposal_SAVE (3).pdf