The Baronial Champions

Chosen at the Newcomers & Champions event in May, have each won a competition in their chosen area. They have sworn an oath of fealty to the Baron and Baroness and become a member of Their Court. The Champions bear the regalia of their position until a successor is determined.


May 2019 - Elgar of Stonehaven, Amberguard

Arts & Sciences

May 2019- Hallgrimr Thorvaldsson, Wealdsmere


Heavy Fighting

May 2019 - Sir Finris Christiansson, Wealdsmere


May 2019 - Master Andrew Williams, Wastekeep

Cut and Thrust

AS 54 (May 2019) Wulfric of Wealdsmere

Youth Champions

May 2019- Hrathi Larsson (was Luc Larsson), Wealdsmere

October Feast Champions

This event has champions each year who reign as the Baronies Toys for Tots champion until the next October feast event where they create the challenges for the next challengers to obtain the champion ship.