The Baronial Champions, chosen at the Newcomers & Champions event in May, have each won a competition in their chosen area. They have sworn an oath of fealty to the Baron and Baroness and become a member of Their Court. The Champions bear the regalia of their position until a successor is determined.


May 2019 - Elgar of Stonehaven, Amberguard

Arts & Sciences

May 2019- Hallgrimr Thorvaldsson, Wealdsmere


Heavy Fighting

May 2019 - Sir Finris Christiansson, Wealdsmere


May 2019 - Master Andrew Williams, Wastekeep

Cut and Thrust

AS 54 (May 2019) Wulfric of Wealdsmere

Youth Champions

May 2019- Hrathi Larsson (was Luc Larsson), Wealdsmere