The Baronial Champions

Champions have each won a competition in their chosen area. They have sworn an oath of fealty to the Baron and Baroness and become a member of Their Court. Champions are expected to stand behind the thrones in representation of their title in Baronial Courts.

The Champions bear the regalia of their position until a successor is determined and are required to return it at the next Champions tournament.

The Baronial Championships traditionally take place at Celtic Revolt.

These are the current Champions for the Barony as of May 2022:


Konr MacAlpien (Wealdsmere)

Arts & Sciences

Baroness Sigrun Osrikskona (Lyonsmarche)


Sa'ada the Purple

Heavy Fighting

Agnarr Hafthor (An Tir) Armored Champion


Alexandre de Sant Roma de Sau (Wealdsmere)

Cut and Thrust

Wulfric (Glymm Mere)

Youth Armored Combat

Hrathi Larsson, Wealdsmere

Thrown Weapons

Duncan Fletcher (Sentinel's Keep)

"Toys for Tots Tournaments"

There is traditionally a series of competitions and tournaments held at Octoberfeast to benefit the Marine Corps Reserve "Toys for Tots" program.

These contests all have an "entry fee" of one new, unwrapped toy that is then donated to Toys for Tots by the Barony. This is one of the ways we support worthy causes in our community.

The winners of these competitions receive a traveling trophy (each contest has a different item; a sword, a games box, etc) for one year until the next years event where they pass on the trophy to the next winners.

While these are not "Champions" and have no Court precedence, they are none-the-less proud representatives of the Baronies finest competitors.

The Victors for 2022:

Heavy: Vegetius Decimus

Rapier: Ragnar Aðelstan

Arts and Sciences: Sir Devin Wolflin

Games: Lif Gudrunsdottir

Cut & Thrust: (un-challenged in 2022)