Fighter's/Community Practice

Heavy fighting, rapier, dance, and arts and sciences. Join in, watch, or just chat with friendly people. Free to attend and new comers are welcome; so come, have a seat, and enjoy!

The Tournament for Great Justice (Heavy & Rapier) is held every 3 months. The tournament starts at 6:30 and features a different tournament style each quarter.

Please see the Calendar for time and location.

Baronial Council Meeting

Members and Officers meet monthly to manage the business side of the group. All members (paid or not) are encouraged to attend council meetings so as to have a voice towards the barony’s future and to enjoy a deeper level of participation.

Traditionally no meeting in December.

Please see the Calendar for time and location.

Arts and Sciences

Members of the group that are interested in art and science projects that require more resources than what is available at the Fighter's/Community Practice meet semi-weekly to research and recreate art techniques and technology of the medieval age.

Please see the Calendar for time and location.

Events Across the Kingdom

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Wealdsmere Annual Events

Wealdsmere typically hosts 3 events annually, watch for the events to appear on the calendar and for notices to be sent out to the populace.

Celtic Revolt - each spring, Memorial Day weekend and this is a camping event.

Border War - sometime in September, this is a camping event.

October Feast mid to late October and is typically a day long event. The barony has chosen the US Marine Corps Toys for Tots to benefit with donations at this event.