Baronial Retinue

Retinue…the ones who make it all look easy. Ever wonder what they all do? Would you like a chance to do it, too? Read all about it here!

Being retinue is very much like being a rock groups road crew - they get us there, they set us up, they make the Coronets look good - as the representatives of the Crown of An Tir should!

Retinue are the attendants that you often see following Their Excellencies around or standing in Court at events. They guard, they carry, they run errands and they present a friendly face to our populace. They are the people you see milling about behind the thrones during court.

Retinue is an extremely important part of every reign and any court activity that you see; they attend the Royals, organize court proceedings, and are usually the organizers of all of the pageantry that makes these experiences so rich.

Having retinue adds to the pageantry of a reign and is a wonderful way to serve and make new friends.

Retinue serve at the discretion of Their Excellencies and for the reign of Baron Michael and Baroness Arnora, most retinue roles will be rotated out periodically, in order for as many people as possible to have a turn at serving. We would LOVE to have volunteers - experienced and brand new - to help fill out our retinue at both local and kingdom events. You do NOT need to be a person of rank or a Sergeant to serve on retinue - anyone of any age is welcome and encouraged to serve for an hour or two!

Head of Retinue

They keep track of meetings, appointments, contests, etc needing B&B presence, and help with all the minutiae of a Coronets day. Any business for the Baron or the Baroness should be brought to them first as they know the schedule best. They also oversee the activities of the rest of retinue.

Head of Retinue oversees the Baronial attendants, they are the point of contact for any questions you may have about being an attendant. They oversee the assignment of guards to their Excellencies for local and travel events alike, set up guard schedules and are the point of contact for any brute squad needs. They assist with the Processional line-up. They will recruit, train and schedule all court attendants for events Their Excellencies attend. They will usually make an announcement on Facebook and Townsquare looking for volunteers who want to be guards/attendants for each event.

Guards and Attendants

Escorts for Their Excellencies as they go about their business and members of the processionals. They carry ceremonial weapons and/or a banner. They may at times carry the cups and drinks, the baskets and the chairs. Their job is to make it all look official and regal and to contribute to the lovely pageantry.

The Aides de Camp

Our personal attendants. They are the ones who know where to find the B&B at events and work closely with the Head of Retinue to ensure schedules are met. They also remind us to eat and drink water when we may be too busy and forget those minor details.

Baronial Scribe

Ensures that the Coronets have beautifully illuminated award charters to give Their populace. The scribe recruits artists to design, wordsmith and do calligraphy for the charters, then prints them and distributes them to be painted. Keeps track of and creates a file of painted charters. Provides a stock of painted charters to the Coronets well in advance of each event so that they can have them ready to give out in Court.

Court Coordinator

Does all the things for court - gathering of supplies, scrolls, seals, award tokens/pendants, kneeling pillows, etc. Works with the Sergeantry to ensure the set-up of the baronial pavilion and thrones, works in concert with the Baronial herald to set up order of operations for court, ensure ceremonials are available, consults with Their Excellencies on the order of Court business, etc. Stands in the back of court and discretely provides items to the Herald/Coronets as needed. Records and reports all awards granted to the Kingdom Order of Precedence officer.

Court Heralds

Maintains appropriate and updated ceremonials, works in concert with Court Coordinator for order of operations in court, and to conduct court business at Their Excellencies pleasure. Set up toasts as needed for feasts.

Largesse Coordinator

Organizes the largesse, assembles largess packs and are points of contact for all artisans wishing to contribute. Ensures Their Excellencies have sufficient and appropriate largesse for all Courts.