The categories of Sergeantry within Wealdsmere

  • Sergeant at Arms: Those participating in Rattan combat.
  • Sergeant Yeoman: Those using Missile weapons.
  • Sergeant Gallant: Those participating in Rapier combat.
  • Sergeant Courtier: Those serving as aides, teachers, and whatever else Her Excellency may require.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • to swear fealty to the Barony of Wealdsmere through the person of the Baroness
  • to guard the Baroness in Ceremony and in War
  • to serve Wealdsmere without fear or complaint and to inspire the “Dream” in those around them
  • to fulfill their role as models of Chivalry and Virtue as is traditional in Wealdsmere and the Society
  • to assist the Baroness as she sees fit
  • to assist in all logistical endeavors pertaining to the duties and operations of the Baronial Coronet
  • to maintain themselves in their chosen discipline(s) and to be prepared to demonstrate that ability at Her Excellency’s command
  • to assist with management of future Trials
  • maintain kit in good condition, so that should sudden call up occur, no shame or stain would appear upon their image or that of the Barony
  • to attend their branch martial practice, at a minimum level, on a monthly basis. Dispensation from Her Excellency is possible on this point, should other long-term commitments interfere. (ie. daily work or study requirements)

Rights and Privileges

  • to
    receive, as indication of rank, regalia bearing the Sergeantry’s Badge as follows:
  • Sergeant at Arms: A brown belt with a buckle bearing the badge
  • Sergeant Yeoman: An arm-guard bearing the badge
  • Sergeant Gallant: A sash bearing badge and sewn in the colors of the Barony
  • Sergeant Courtier: A necklace shaped as a droplet bearing the badge
  • to guard the Baroness in Ceremony and in War
  • to participate in the annual Sergeants Trials and in the swearing-in ceremonies of successful candidates
  • to be recognized as a member of an elite and proficient Order
  • to serve Wealdsmere as a cornerstone of the “Dream,” reflecting all that is good and virtuous

Requirements of a Sergeantry Candidate

  • must submit a written letter
    of intent, done in the period style of candidate’s persona, to be delivered publicly to the Baroness.
  • candidate must attend the Trials weekend in August to complete requirements
  • must be willing to swear the Oath of Sergeantry
  • must understand the duties, responsibilities and rights of the rank and be prepared to fulfill them
  • must own sufficient kit of acceptable standard to meet the level expected of a Sergeant/Yeoman/Gallant
  • must past the testing requirements as set out by the Baroness and be willing to continue developing their abilities
  • must accept testing in all areas of importance to the Sergeantry
  • obtain the complete Sergeantry packet from the Baroness for more information