History of the

Years ago, when the Principality of An Tir was still part of the Kingdom of the West, the heart of the Kingdom lay far away. Since most of the Western peerage lived fifteen to twenty hours from the An Tirian heart-land, they had little opportunity to consider those of us who had attained a peerage level in our endeavors. Was a particular An Tirian fit company for a civilized court? Did they dance or scribe? Did they possess knowledge of period entertainments and have a basic understanding of heraldry? Did they willingly share their accomplishments with others?

In order to facilitate the advancement of An Tirians, the landed Baronesses developed a series of Trials that focused on peer-like qualities. Those who passed the Trials became part of an elite Baronesses’ Guard. Therefore, when an An Tirian Sergeant came up in a Peerage council, it would be obvious that many a pertinent question had already been answered. The Guard became a Kingdom Order that bore the title “Sergeant,” a designation borrowed from the armed guards of the Crusades. Thus was born the uniquely An Tirian tradition of Sergeantry.

Today, a member of the Sergeantry is an accomplished person whose peer-like qualities make him or her welcome at any Court. With the advent of missile and rapier combat, the Sergeantry was opened to Yeomen and Gallants, respectively. Those who wish to pursue service and non-martial skills may earn the rank of Courtier. Some baronies also include “Lancer” for equestrians.

color image of Wealdsmere Sargeant Badge
                                          Badge signifying a member of the Sargeantry