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The Officers of the Barony of Wealdsmere are comprised of the hard working local volunteers from within the SCA that dedicate their time to making sure our Barony runs smoothly. Deputies manage tasks that have been delegated to them by their officer. This work not only helps the officers focus on other duties, it also prepares these volunteers for future service on the Baronial Council.

To become an officer of the Barony, candidates must be active members of the SCA (with a membership number) and submit a written letter of intent and a résumé to the Barony's Chronicler to be included in the monthly Wealdsmere Watch. After that, it is left to a vote of the current officers at the following council meeting. If accepted, a Baronial Officer must be able to attend the Baronial Council meetings every second (2nd) Tuesday of each month.

For more information on what they all do, select the office from the list on the right, or attend Baronial Council meetings and add your support to our game.