Sir Osrik Rolfson & HL Sigrún Osrikswife

Kelly & Jennifer Coursey

As a Barony, Wealdsmere is connected to the Crown of An Tir through the Baron and/or Baronness. This couple (or individual) serves as the representative of the Crown to the populace, and the representative of the populace to the Crown.

In their ceremonial role as head of Wealdsmere the Baron and Baroness are entitled to hold courts and to establish and present Baronial awards, as they see fit, in order to recognize the contributions of individuals and groups within the Barony.

Responsible also for the overall management and health of the group, they will carry the concerns of the populace to the Crown for consideration and resolution as well as bring the wishes and commands of the Crown back to the group.

The Baroness will organize and maintain the Sergeantry, who are sworn to her, so that chivalry and the gentler arts may always be encouraged in the ranks of martial combatants.