Greetings to all Good Gentles and
Welcome to the Barony of Wealdsmere!

The Barony of Wealdsmere is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, an international non-profit educational organization dedicated to researching and recreating the customs, combat, and courtesy of the Middle Ages. Within the Society, we are a barony under the Kingdom of An Tir, and are mundanely located in Spokane and Spokane county, Washington.

The Barony of Wealdsmere is a very active group. We hold many regular activities and host several annual events. Everyone is welcome to participate – just show up and join in! is the official web site for the Barony of Wealdsmere of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and is maintained by the Barony of Wealdsmere's Webminister office. This site may contain electronic versions of the group's governing documents. Any discrepancies between the electronic version of any information on this site and the printed version that is available from the originating office will be decided in favor of the printed version. For information on using photographs, articles, or artwork from this web site, please contact the Webminister at and he or she will assist you in contacting the original copyright holders.

The Coming Season

Greetings to Our Most Noble populace!

The eventing season is about to roar in like a lion!  May and June are looking to be very busy and We hope that each of you will be able to travel to a few of those events!  

Before we get to the meat and potatos of the season, We need to address a matter of great importance which weighs heavily on our minds this year.  Our great Barony, wise in it’s age, is expected to sustain a certain number of officers, events and members in order  to maintain our Baronial status with the Society in which we play.     These are outlined in Kindgom Law and Corpora, but more importantly it is seen at every event - our volunteers who are needed in order to sucessfully run activites and kitchens and courts so that we all can enjoy our game.  We have a strong core of officers who need assistance from deputies or who may be at the end of their term.  We need new and fresh ideas for feasts and wars for upcoming years.  We need volunteers to make light the heavy load of work.  We need new and renewed membership to keep our numbers strong.

At this time, if you have not been to a business meeting, we would encourage you to do so. If you have been at a business meeting, we would encourage you to bring a friend and spread the word that the Barony will not exist without help from many.  This is imperative for without this essiential help each, we cannot expect to maintain our Baronial status.  Come meet with us, have a say in how the area is run and give a small amount of your time to keep our dream alive.  

We would give great praise and have word fame spread to the large number of persons who showed up to the last Celtic site work party.  There were between 20 and 24 who raked, leveled, lashed, marked, picked up, took down, dug, feed, placed and cleared the site.  It was obvious that many hands made for very light work!!! Thank you all!  HUZZAH!  Site is looking awesome :)

We thought it would be best to give you all a summary of all the fun things going on this year that we are looking forward to that are provided by the number of volunteers working in areas to make events run.  Here are a few events we Wealdsmereians should be aware of:

Autumn War: Tacoma  8/13-17 (War over the weekend).... ALL BARONIES have been challenged to a NORSE VS the World WWWWAAARRRR!  Mark your calendars, there are hords to be had and much fun as prepared by our friends in Blath An Oir - Baron Hengist and Baroness Marike who have asked us to ally with them against Our other great friends in Madrone - Baron Stefan and Baroness Emmalina.    Wealdsmere will sponsor a chest full of our local mead... IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN DONATING A BOTTLE, please let Baron Lars know so that our mead makers wordfame is spread across the kingdom!.  

Border War: ??? September 12-14   WWWWWAAAAARRRRR!  That is all!  More details to come!

Baron’s Ball: Tri-Cities  10/3-5.  Always a great event, come celebrate the stepping down of the Dread Baron of Wastekeep and the Tyrant of Wastekeep and wish well the new Excellencies of Wastekeep whom ever they may be.

Octoberfest: Spokane 10/18     More details to come later but this is always a great closing event for Wealdsmere :)  Mark your calendars!

We hope to see many of your faces soon.  Travel safe and be well. 

Baron Hanefr "Lars" Gunnarrson           Baroness Kara Bjornsdottir